Who are we ?

Gestion BRT is a real estate management firm specializing in the satisfaction of landlords in Quebec, by offering rental management solutions adapted to their unique needs.

Our team has a varied expertise acquired through our professional and personal backgrounds. We are specialists in property management, building mechanics, financial management and apartment rentals. By combining our strengths and our knowledge, we guarantee you an optimal return on your investments.

At Gestion BRT, our goal is to use our expertise, our skills and our strong business partnerships to simplify the management of your real estate and increase the value of your buildings. Whether you choose a turnkey service or specific services, we are committed to providing you with professional, efficient and trustworthy management.

Trust Gestion BRT for expert real estate management, adapted to your needs and focused on your results.


BRT management

Quality of life

Our primary commitment is to offer all our tenants an unparalleled quality of service, with an emphasis on their well-being and satisfaction. We strive to provide quick responses to their requests and ensure that they enjoy an exceptional quality of life. Our goal is to create a residential experience that provides an environment conducive to comfort and happiness.


BRT management

Shareholder return

Our objective is to maximize the value of your portfolio of multi-residential buildings while preserving the standard of living of our tenants. We accomplish this by optimizing the potential of properties and making necessary improvements such as rehabilitation works and the introduction of additional services. We are committed to increasing the value of our clients' assets while ensuring the well-being of residents.


BRT management

Mutual aid and openness

BRT management works closely
collaboration with its customers because for us, each of our partners contributes to the richness of the company.


Follow the news of the moment

It is very important to us that you know all the information available on the market.